Blue Note and Electronically Rechanneled Stereo


  Blue Note Fake Stereo ’70s reissues: a public-interest post.

Electronic-warning-1600For the Blue Note collector with a limited budget, and that is most of us I guess, reissues are an inevitable fact of life. It is also inevitable they will come across reissues which claim to be  “stereo”, however that claim is not always to be taken at face value. There are recordings made originally in mono which were later subjected to a form of torture known as “fake stereo”

The problem of fake stereo Blue Notes is  largely though not exclusively in Liberty and United Artists reissues of the early 1500 Blue Note series, which RVG recorded exclusively in mono. Van Gelder started out recording in the technology of the day, mono. Some time around July 1957, with BLP 1554 Art Blakey Orgy in Rhythm Vol1, Van Gelder  introduced simultaneous mono and stereo two-track recording from the same board, meaning a stereo tape exists for many subsequent recordings, whether or…

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